The table of Espassole

On the menu, a local cooking, traditional dishes with a card which evolves as the seasons go by, according to the products of the market and the inspiration of the leader. A table which will sublimate your papillae.

The restaurant

The art of entertaining

In the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales, in Thuir, the restaurant Espassole, opens you doors every day of an at the same time friendly and warm place where come to mix the flavors noon and evening.
The leader selects minutely the best products and the seasons direct the creation of cards and menus with quality and freshness.

Discover below the various menus



Lunch only

11 € 90


et Today’s special
Today’s special
et Homemade dessert

13 € 90

Menu l’Espassole

Today’s special
Homemade dessert

25 €

Menu plaisir

Mille-feuille of crab and its compote of small squids
Half camembert cheese roasted in diced bacon
Salad quercynoise

Poultry stuffed in ceps
Pavement of salmon in the pink pepper

Dessert in the choice

33 €

Menu gourmand

Foie gras candies in the cloth
or Tartar of tuna and smoked salmon cream of vinegar of muscatel wine Espelette chili

Sweet bread pôelés times Buchette sesame
or Roast of burbot and its cream in the rosemary

Dessert in the choice

Contactez l'Espassole


04 68 36 45 84


Route de Perpignan
66300 Thuir